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Marilyn Kelson, an entrepreneur in the insurance field, operates her business from the high level of caring for her patrons and thoughtful consideration of her clients' needs. As a representative of several products of different companies, she is informed of what each one offers and how it may best serve her client. Having known Marilyn for several years, I have complete confidence in her ability to steer a prospective client in a direction that will protect his or her funds and will guard against loss in a volatile market. History over a period of time has proven the worth of the products she stands behind, and this bodes well as an indication of her desire to serve her clients purposefully and professionally. If there is a question of any consequence, she will persevere in finding the answer to the satisfaction of the client.

Marilyn is reliable, trustworthy, capable and honest in her ability to explain the different aspects of the products she represents. She chooses to be associated with companies with high ethical standards, thereby assuring her clients they have nothing to fear. She truly wants what's best for those she serves, putting their interests in the same category as she would choose to place hers. Her aim is to assist her clients with decisions that will be beneficial to them and offer them the best possible return to maximize their investment, yet keep their funds safe and secure.

I highly recommend Marilyn Kelson for participation in a website that personifies the integrity of an environment in which she has endeavored to be of the utmost service to her clients and has adhered to the highest standards in achieving that goal.

Carol Y., Omaha, NE

For many years, Marilyn Kelson has been my financial advisor.  She is the only person I would trust to guide me with my financial investments.  Marilyn is honest, dependable and loyal to her clients.  Her communication skills are excellent; she is always available to answer any questions.  I would highly recommend her to any potential client.

Alvin S., Omaha, NE

Marilyn Kelson has been a trusted business partner who has proven to be conscientious, caring of her clients, and responsive to issues or concerns that may arise.  She is dedicated to her clients by staying current on product knowledge and certifications in this ever-changing industry.  Marilyn has an intense passion to do the very best for her clients.  I’m very proud to know her.

Kris Porto, New Business Manager, Preferred Marketing (business partner)

Marilyn Kelson has been my financial advisor for many years. When one first works with Marilyn, you immediately get a sense of not only her vast knowledge, but her interest in wanting to know you personally in order to provide the best products to meet your needs. She is honest, hardworking, and dedicated to meeting her clients’ needs in the best way possible. Marilyn is trustworthy, honest and always willing to put whatever time and effort is needed to answer any questions or concerns to serve you in the best way possible. She always goes the extra mile, and her integrity is above reproach.

Mary L. S., Omaha, NE

Top qualities:  Expert, On Time, High Integrity

I recently worked with Marilyn on both business and private financial matters.  Her dual expertise in finance and education was the perfect combination to explain complex financial concepts in a manner consistent with my knowledge base.  She was open to questions of all types, and respected when I needed to do additional research on my own before making important decisions about my financial future.  I highly recommend Marilyn as a financial and insurance consultant and expert and look forward to a long relationship with her company.

Shelly Kinney, President, Kinney Consulting, Inc.

I have been associated with Marilyn Kelson for many years.  Marilyn was a member of the board of the company where I was employed.  I have always found her to be intelligent, honest, considerate, and dedicated in her work ethics.

Regina S.

I endorse and recommend Marilyn Kelson, a trusted financial professional.

  She is a worthy financial professional, in whom you can place your confidence and trust.  Marilyn strives to be supportive, to give her best advice, to protect her client's interest, and to do her best.

She is always willing to aid and support her clients.

Ella B.
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